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A report from a meeting of the NGOs with the Danish delegation in Tehran

Women's rights > Report > A report from a meeting of the NGOs with the Danish delegation in Tehran

According to hold third round judicial especial negotiations – Human Rights of Islamic Republic of Iran and Denmark in the wake of the past human rights meetings of Iran and Denmark, accepted with the subject of (Implementation of justice in the judicial systems of Iran and Denmark) and (Human Rights in Business) Ms. Eva Grambye as Head of the Danish Human Rights Commission and his delegation consisting of the Director of Human Rights and Development, Director of Middle East Division Planning, Director of research Department, Director of the National Human Rights Department and Danish Human Rights institute’s Strategic Advisor, traveled to Tehran hosted by human rights headquarters.

On September 19, 2015 in Tehran – Human Rights Headquarters, a meeting was held with the presence of a Danish delegation and a number of NGOs with the aim of introducing and familiarizing with the field of activities of two parties. Ms. Eva Grambye, Deputy Executive Director of the Danish Human Rights Institute and Director of International Division, Initially, while expressing her satisfaction with the presence in Iran, she briefly introduced the Danish Human Rights Institute and noted that the Danish Human Rights Institute is a government institution but has an autonomy that is active in the domestic and international field. In the national and local area, the institution monitors the human rights situation in Denmark and also offers reports in this regard to the United Nations and added, in addition, also offers suggestion and proposal on the subject of the Danish law to government. She continued, in the field of international relations, responsibility and mission of the Institute to investigate the human rights situation in other countries and the most important step in this area has been to coordinate with international human rights institutions. Ms. Grambye Further emphasized the most important solution in this direction, creating constructive dialogue in an effort to build trust with other countries and announced that we do not upbraid any government and It is the duty of civil society to assist governments in this regard. Also in the context of The introduction of non-governmental organizations, Initially, The NGO Defense of Victims of Terrorism, that the wife and the child of assassinated of martyr Rezaei-Nejad attended, In the field of activity in the international arena, there are 17,000 assassination of martyrs in Iran Explained that they have a consultative council at the United Nations to support the families of victims of terrorism and in this regard they are exchanging information with reporters and international authorities and also The martyr Rezainejad’s wife and her daughter, Ermita, described as Martyr Rezaie-Nejad’s martyrdom as a victim of assassination.

In continues Non-governmental organization(NGO) Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, Provided detailed descriptions of the institution’s introduction, goals and methods of implementation. In this regard, expressed the institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, a non-governmental institution with humanitarian goals in order to help develop the necessary policies to create favorable conditions for the growth of a woman’s personality in various aspects of political, cultural, social, economic and family, it should be noted that the goals of this institution are also in three areas under titles was raised., Implementation of human rights and dignity in the Islamic Republic of Iran (internal area) Investigating and criticizing human rights violations in other countries (critical area)communication with international assemblies(international area).Also non-governmental organization of recovery support(SRS),also the scope of it’s activities is in the field of reduction of social harm and addictive and stated in the field of human rights, Iran has widespread problems in the field of transit of drugs to the country or to other European countries and in this case, many people were martyred in defending the border.

At the end, the NGO of Supporting Afghan children said, with regard to violence among Afghan citizens the protection of violated child rights is one of the most important goals of this NGO and in this regard measures such as holding workshops in order to prevent child abuse have formed in cooperation with Iranian state institutions. It was said that 1000 children and families were covered by educational and service support.

In summing up the session, Ms. Grambye the activities of NGOs are widespread were evaluated with various topics and reminded non-governmental organization by collecting comprehensive information and transferring it to governments can help government to better understand the issues and problems.



Source: Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights

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