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The Report of visitin women prison in Shahr-e Ray

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The institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, as a women’s rights NGO, tries to improve women’s rights in society. Actually, checking problems of women in Prison have been the demands and concerns of women in scientific Meetings and Conferences. On the other hand it should be noted, they are neglected by the community. There were several key questions for women’s rights activists at the institute: First, what are the rights and facilities of pregnant women and mothers in prison? What are the levels of prisoners in terms of health status and medical services? And by identifying the weaknesses and shortcomings, how can we improve the status of women in prison? A number of women’s rights activists in the institute have visited and reported on this prison (April 24, 2017).

The Report of visiting women prison in Shahr-e Ray


Before April , 2013,the women were kept in three centers of Evin, Rajai Shahr, Varamin in the section called “Nesvan”. But later ,to provide better and more specialized services to women. All of them are kept in a prison. In general, 3% of the total prison population is women. The Statistics is lower global standards.