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Women's rights > Report > The Report of visiting Assyrian Association in Tehran

The Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights as a nongovernmental organization ( NGO) which is aimed at promoting women’s rightsworks has arranged the series of visits and interviews to support women of religious minorities.

The first meeting with Assyrian women took place in the Assyrian Association of Tehran, which reports as follows: A group of women activists of  the Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights attended in the Assyrian Association of Tehran that located in Shahr Ziba on 17 /2/2018 and friendly met with them.


This community is located in a large building includes Park, Sports Ground, Auditorium, banquet hall, the Maryam School specially for minority students.

The Women’s Affairs Committee as part of the Assyrian Society works in the women’s field. It has been established in 1997 by Ms. Edna Mario Nanny. she has been the chairman of the committee for four terms and now Mrs. Germain was appointed to this post. First, the head of the department briefly explained the committee’s activities . This collection is active in social, cultural and charitable fields.

Activities in the form 1. Training courses – art such as Chinese flowers, carpets, computers, English and … 2. Visit the facilities (nursing homes) and giving gifts at various occasions.3. Celebration in religious festivals 4. Launch charity markets and gathering people’s contributions for charity.

About the relationship with government institutions, she added: The committee has extensive connections with government agencies particularly the Vice Presidential Women (Mrs. Dr. Ebtekar) and  during the sessions, they stated their demands in relation to women Assyrian and many women’s issues are also being pursued through their parliamentary representatives.

Mrs. Jesus as one of the original members who had have 30 years of teaching in education said she did not have the bar to attend school as teachers retired with a brilliant record of this institution. On the social status of women in Assyrian society, the chairman of the committee said “  they follow their own religious laws in all personal situations, such as marriage and divorce”. They emphasize that there is no discrimination between men and women in their religion. The inheritance between the woman and the children is equal, but at the time of divorce they do not consider alimony for woman. So  , men leave their life without financial commitment. (Of course, the legal process is done by the priest).

According to civil rights of the Islamic Republic, Minority women can benefit from special support of Muslim women in divorce such as alimony and dowry and … . According to the members , these are unrestricted and free in religious ceremony. In the area of international activities, they have participated as a representative at the UN summit in Geneva and Spoke about the status of Assyrian lives in Iran.



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