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The Report of visiting women prison in Shahr-e Ray

Women's rights > Report > The Report of visiting women prison in Shahr-e Ray

The institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, as a women’s rights NGO, tries to improve women’s rights in society. Actually, reviewing problems of women in prison has been the demands and concerns of women in scientific meetings and conferences. There were several key questions for women’s rights activists at the institute: First, what are the rights and facilities of pregnant women and mothers in prison? What is the situation of prisoners in terms of health status and medical services? And by identifying the weaknesses and shortcomings, how can we improve the status of women in prison? Hence , a number of women’s rights activists in the institute visited the women prison (on April 24, 2017) and this report shows the findings.

For the comfort and well-being of prisoners, all the personnel inside the prison were women while there was no coercion for hijab.


-Basic facilities including suitable heating and cooling system, television, full sanitary facilities, a yard and the public telephone to contact families, were available for each yard separately.

At the entrance door of the prison, was a well-equipped and specialized hospital which included almost all the advanced facilities to provide services to prisoners.

Up on the arrival of the prisoners , health certificate and medical certificate is issued for them.

One of the most important sections in this prison  ,was special section for mothers. In fact, mothers can keep children under two years old with themselves along with special facilities.

All prisoners enjoy three main meals with good quality and two snacks. The children and people with special conditions like pregnant women or patients have special nutrition.

According to the observations from the meeting room, three types of visits are seen for private prisoners. Meeting face to face with the prisoners’ families, contacts by phone and private visits (For married prisoners).

Educational facilities: during the term of imprisonment, one of the most important actions is providing education from the elementary to the highest levels of the university (Ph.D.) for the prisoners . These services are free of charge.

The cultural and sports facilities: one of the facilities that was very impressive was a gym with professional sport, equipment  and an amphitheater to display movies and … .

The other facilities were the Cultural and Educational Administration . The Public library as well as daily press which was free to the prisoners.


Employment workshop and vocational training: In this section , prisoners are trained in two areas of employment both to have an income and also to learn vocational skills.


Finally, although women in prisons are more vulnerable than men ,but relevant bodies try to minimize harms, while the prison conditions should be such that maintain its deterrence nature.



The institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights

22 July 2017


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