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Workshop : “ The Family in the Law’s reflection ”

Women's rights > Report > Workshop : “ The Family in the Law’s reflection ”

The Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, on the occasion of  International Day of Families, held workshop to review the rules of family protection on 13 May 2017. This course was presented by Dr. Sarir.


In this workshop, a large number of students and lawyers participated. In the beginning, she introduced a history of  Iranian civil law in the field of family support and explained its importance. Then, generally, the subject was discussed at the workshop:

The legislator should take into consideration various social, family, and individual expediencies while planning laws governing family, as the most important social institution, and should attempt to make compromises among them. In the meanwhile, procedural laws governing family disputes and enacting the laws issued by the court are crucially significant since the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the laws and the methods of settling disputes have a direct effect on the rate of family disputes.


Moreover, the conditions and method of enacting family-related laws and the predicted assurances for their enactment can influence and prevent social consequences and social problems related to enacting such laws.

The Seminar , while studying the new family protection law, approved in 1391/2013, shows that the legislator has focused on or established proper rules and regulations in case of proceeding disputes and enacting due laws. Proper enactment of such laws can strengthen families and lead to better management of family discords.


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