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Women have been suffered plenty of problems during the past years in world but unfortunately the problems and the challenges of this part have not been considered good enough so far. Although there are several NGOs which have been established to work for women in Iran but still it is needed to increase these organizations. Beside all activities that have been done for women, some points have been considered less such as awareness of civil rights. So, The Institute for Protection of  Women’s Rights started as an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2015. The main goal of the NGO is to publicize and promote the principles of international rules and treaties on women’s rights which has always been emphasized by the United Nations and its affiliated institutions. With the help of its volunteer members, the Society strives to introduce, convey and promote these rights to the Iranian public in order to remove subjective and objective obstacles to the fulfillment of the rights of the women. The NGO strives to take effective steps towards establishing a suitable basis for the improvement of the general living conditions and the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of Iranian women through holding training and vocational courses.

The aims and purposes

  1. Helping women getting to know their real and actual rights and assisting them in order to achieve their objectives.
  2. Empowering women and obtaining gender justice.
  3. Combating the discrimination and violence against women.
  4. Formulating useful suggestions and proposals to achieve women’s rights in order to offer legislative organizations and relevantauthorities.
  5. Contributing to strengthen and consolidate the family as the primary core of the education by educating women on the basis ofnational and international laws.


– Research Courses, Providing written quarterly and online monthly journals.

– Holding workshops, scientific – technical meetings on the rights of women and family and psychology and family legal consultations.

– Setting up a website to inform the public about women’s issues, Internet radio, and active social networks.

– Using women volunteers for training.

– Visiting specific centers for the women affected by social damages and handling the problems.

– Participating actively in international exhibitions held in Iran.

– Establishing a publication center to publish training books on Women’s Rights.