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Asthma may lead to infertility in women, barring regular medicine-takers

A study found that women who have asthma and use long-acting asthma preventers conceive as quickly as other women without the condition. It seems asthma is linked to infertility, but not among women taking regular asthma preventers, Hindustantimes reported. A European Lung Foundation-study said that women with asthma, who use long-acting asthma preventers, conceive as...
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The health of pregnant women from the perspective of human rights

Akram fazlikhany (Graduate master of studies in Middle East)   Resume Human rights have a global aspect and Should be used, regardless of any discrimination, including gender discrimination. Women’s rights have different dimensions, Including it’s the health of them during pregnancy. Daily per minute, in a corner of the world, Woman due to pregnancy problems...
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