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10 Health Screenings All Women Should Have

Mammograms, cholesterol screenings, and Pap smears — these are just a few of the exams that are essential to a woman’s health. Is it time for you to schedule one of these screenings? Every woman should make time for healthy habits — regular exercise, stress management, and choosing the right foods. Scheduling routine health screenings, which...
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The Physical Side of Stress

Frazzled by stress? Learn how it affects your emotional and physical health — and how to cope. stress is an expression of the body’s natural instinct to protect itself. While the stress response may warn us of immediate danger, like a fast-approaching car, prolonged stress can negatively affect your physical and emotional health. “Our stress response was...
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How postpartum depression is linked to mother’s pain after childbirth

A recent study has shown that postpartum depression is linked to mother’s pain after childbirth. Previous researches had demonstrated the pain associated with giving birth may increase the risk of postpartum depression but has not specified which part of the labor process (e.g., before, during or after delivery) may be the source of the problem....
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Asthma may lead to infertility in women, barring regular medicine-takers

A study found that women who have asthma and use long-acting asthma preventers conceive as quickly as other women without the condition. It seems asthma is linked to infertility, but not among women taking regular asthma preventers, Hindustantimes reported. A European Lung Foundation-study said that women with asthma, who use long-acting asthma preventers, conceive as...
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Non-financial rights of women in an international documents and Islamic teachings

Non-financial rights of women in an international documents and Islamic teachings The writer: Monireh Akhavan (Lecturer at Islamic Azad University) Abstract Women’s deprivation of their human rights throughout history has been one of the most challenging human rights issues. In the mean time the non-financial rights of women is neglected to the extent that they...
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The health of pregnant women from the perspective of human rights

Akram fazlikhany (Graduate master of studies in Middle East)   Resume Human rights have a global aspect and Should be used, regardless of any discrimination, including gender discrimination. Women’s rights have different dimensions, Including it’s the health of them during pregnancy. Daily per minute, in a corner of the world, Woman due to pregnancy problems...
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