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Many women in our land have been able to gain their rights and solve their problems and legal issues with the help of our consultants and Lawyers

The Institute for the protection of women’s Rights like other non_governmental organizations,the institution is people _centered and voluntary that with humanitarian purposes and reforming the necessary policies to create favorable conditions in order to protect women’s rights, personality growth and the scientific position of women in various political dimensions, cultural, social, economic and families. Therefore protecting women’s rights is the main motive for establishing this institution

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  • Women, Architects of Peace

    One of the recent actions of the Institute for the Protection of Women's Rights held a joint meeting with the United Nations Office in Tehran that it has analyzed the issue of the Role of Women in Global Peace. The UNIC Director in the I.R. of Iran , Dr. Maria Dotsenko, was special speaker at […]
the most beautiful habit of women is her chastity 
Great orod The philosopher

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