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Report of the visit from the Iranian Jewish community

A group of women activists, the Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights attended on March 17, 2018 at the Tehran Jewish Association located in the region of the Republic, and with the chairman of the Jewish Association of Tehran Mr. Dr. Homayoun Same Yeh Najaf Abadi, Religious Reference and Rabbi Mr. Dr. Hamami, Internal...
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The Report of visiting Assyrian Association in Tehran

The Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights as a nongovernmental organization ( NGO) which is aimed at promoting women’s rightsworks has arranged the series of visits and interviews to support women of religious minorities. The first meeting with Assyrian women took place in the Assyrian Association of Tehran, which reports as follows: A group...
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Women, Architects of Peace

One of the recent actions of the Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights  held a joint meeting with the United Nations Office in Tehran that it has analyzed  the issue of   the Role of Women in Global Peace. The UNIC Director in the I.R. of Iran , Dr. Maria Dotsenko, was special speaker at...
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The Report of visiting women prison in Shahr-e Ray

The institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, as a women’s rights NGO, tries to improve women’s rights in society. Actually, reviewing problems of women in prison has been the demands and concerns of women in scientific meetings and conferences. There were several key questions for women’s rights activists at the institute: First, what are...
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Workshop : “ The Family in the Law’s reflection ”

The Institute for the Protection of Women’s Rights, on the occasion of  International Day of Families, held workshop to review the rules of family protection on 13 May 2017. This course was presented by Dr. Sarir.   In this workshop, a large number of students and lawyers participated. In the beginning, she introduced a history...
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The 22nd International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies in Tehran

The Press Exhibition is an arena for dialog… It is an opportunity to be used for both explaining the capacities and roles played by the press and print media to the public and authorities, and the enhancement of [existing] capacities. It is the largest annual press festival in Iran with a miscellany of media from...
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A report from a meeting of the NGOs with the Danish delegation in Tehran

According to hold third round judicial especial negotiations – Human Rights of Islamic Republic of Iran and Denmark in the wake of the past human rights meetings of Iran and Denmark, accepted with the subject of (Implementation of justice in the judicial systems of Iran and Denmark) and (Human Rights in Business) Ms. Eva Grambye...
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