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The 22nd International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies in Tehran

Women's rights > Report > The 22nd International Exhibition of Press and News Agencies in Tehran

The Press Exhibition is an arena for dialog… It is an opportunity to be used for both explaining the capacities and roles played by the press and print media to the public and authorities, and the enhancement of [existing] capacities.

It is the largest annual press festival in Iran with a miscellany of media from dailies and periodicals through news agencies to tabloids in attendance. Upwards of 900 media outlets attended, showcasing front pages in 620 booths and pavilions, a 30 percent jump as compared to the previous year’s event, according to formal statistics. Different meetings, workshops and press conferences are being held in international level on the sideline of the exhibition.

The Institute for Protection of Women’s Rights, as a NGO and nonprofit, which has publications and specialized research in the field of women’s rights, attended in the 22nd International Exhibition of Press.

The goal was to connect with the elites and researchers directly. We gained vast gains. In the following, some achievements are :

-A number of official and authoritative libraries requested that  the quarterly be placed in the archives.

-More than 100 lawyers, judges, lawyers, researchers and students visited and announced

to collaborate on research and writing scientific articles in the field of women’s rights, human rights, international law …

Sales and donations of the quarterly to visitors of the exhibition

-Announcing the invitation to cooperate with the institutions in various cultural, social, sports and economic fields and other related subjects

Special meeting on the role of the media in reducing violence against women

 in the press space of the exhibition

Dr Feresh Roohafza, University professor and deputy chairman of the Women’s Social Cultural Council , as the first speaker, said about Media and Violence Against Women especially the gender perspective of the media to women.

Dr. Laviyan , representative of the Jews in Iran, by defining the media as a means of transferring information, said media duty is truth and justice. She added when the male and female spirits are known, violence is prevented. In Abrahamic religions and ethical cultures believe most dignity for women and men.

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